Tests You Should Know About And What To Ask Your Doctor About Them

Tests You Should Know About And What To Ask Your Doctor About Them

I’ve got a test—I remember that from college—but these are tests on you or your family. What on earth is a CBC? What does that mean, when is it important, what the heck is a “normal” value? This Channel will bring you the latest on everything from colonoscopies to new high tech cancer screening lab tests.

Tests You Should Know About And What To Ask Your Doctor About Them
  • Weight Loss Intro

    Are you suffering from a series of Fat Attacks? This free 1:45 second overview brings you up to speed on the chemicals your fat may be releasing as well as a strong overview of weapons to fight that fat attack and control weight too!

  • Tell Your Medicine Story

    Did you tell your medicine story to the last doctor you saw? Dr. Rybacki tells you why this key concept can save lives.

  • Diagnostic Tests and Your Family (Part One)

    Dr. Rybacki has created a new EGMN series that focusses on tests and brings you crucial news about a new, simpler colonoscopy prep called Suprep. He outlines some of the the American Cancer society recommendations about colonoscopies and actually shows you how to prepare the Suprep liquid! More t...

  • Diagnostic Tests and Your Family (Part Two)

    Dr. Rybacki brings you more than 6 minutes on the new colonoscopy prep called Suprep! Find out more about the better tasting liquid and the split dose (2-day) Regimen. This is the product that was prescribed for Dr. Rybacki’s colonoscopy with great results. This new, simpler colonoscopy prep call...

  • National Kidney Month

    Have you heard about the National Kidney Foundation? Dr. Jim fills you in on 5 healthy steps for kidney health and why the organization AND your kidneys are so important.

  • Easier Colonoscopy Preps

    Are you dreading a colonoscopy--because of the prep? Dr. Rybacki tells all about his easier prep-might be right for you.

  • Dr. Horne - Population Health

    Are you in a health population or a population at risk? Dr. Horne talks about population health and its impact.

  • Dr. Horne - Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

    Is your heart at risk? How would you know? Dr. Horne talks about heart risk assessments and their impact.

  • ACC - BP Monitor

    Live at the American College of Cardiology meeting, Dr. Rybacki talks about blood pressure monitors.

  • Real Word Colonoscopy Preps & Results with Dr. Murali Krishna

    Did you or a family member skip that colonoscopy last year? Many people including Dr. Rybacki did the same thing. Would you like a detailed look at an easier prep? Dr. Krishna and Dr. Rybacki talk about the prep, the test and even the results. Dr. Rybacki brings you into his home office and tells...

  • Colonoscopy & Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Krishna

    Are you hesitating to get a colonoscopy? Get the facts on the easier Suprep prep, see the anatomy of the colon and learn how a colonoscopy may not only find polyps, but let your GI Doc remove them during the test!

  • Suprep & Colonoscopy Results with Dr. Krishna

    Why should you get a colonoscopy, can it prevent colon cancer deaths? What is the Suprep prep like? What are colonoscopy results like? Dr. Krishna and Rybacki cover the questions and answers and give a real world overview of the prep, benefits and what one patient's results actually look like!

  • EGMN and the New Cardiology Triple Whammy

    We previously did a video about Flu, RSV and Covid being described as a triple whammy by the CDC. Now the cover of the American College of Cardiology for March 2023 has the Cardiology triple whammy. Dr. Rybacki gives an overview of the effect of Diabetes, Sleep Disordered breathing (SDB) and Obes...

  • Dangerous New Heart Risk Factor Lp(a)

    Lp(a) is a novel independent heart attack risk factor YET many of us haven’t heard of it. Why…the neglect probably stems from the fact that until recently, there weren’t even experimental drugs to treat it. Dr. Rybacki brings the facts and future meds to your computer in this fascinating new video.

  • Dexcom G7 Blood Sugar Brilliance

    Blood sugar is crucial for people living with diabetes. A pill isn’t always the answer and is rarely the complete answer. Controlling blood sugar with metformin, GLP-1 inhibitors or combinations like Mounjaro is great, but using a continuous blood sugar monitoring (CGM) device live the Dexcom G7 ...