Diabetes Developments

Diabetes Developments

This Channel will bring you the latest in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, new medicines, new transplant information and how to avoid the complications of type 2 diabetes as you or your parents age!

Diabetes Developments
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    o The Essential Guide to Medical News (EGMN), Dangerous new heart risk factor Lp(a)
    o EGMN, Does high blood pressure hurt kidneys?
    o EGMN, Breakthrough Alzheimer’s treatment, Donanemab
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  • Tell Your Medicine Story

    Did you tell your medicine story to the last doctor you saw? Dr. Rybacki tells you why this key concept can save lives.

  • Update on Invokana

    Invokana (canagliflozin) had crucial new information and Dr. Whitley and Rybacki gave you the 30 minutes of facts!

  • Dr. Horne - Intermittent Fasting & Healthy Weight Loss

    Wondering about intermittent fasting and weight loss? Dr. Horne and Rybacki give you the skinny on this key concept.

  • Dr. Horne - Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

    Is your heart at risk? How would you know? Dr. Horne talks about heart risk assessments and their impact.

  • What's in the Box? Vazalore

    Dr. Rybacki gives an overview of the first new aspirin product in 30 years. Get the facts.

  • Will Your Insurance Pay for Mounjaro? (Part One)

    More than 100 people asked questions about Mounjaro when Dr. Rybacki sent out a constant contact overview of this new drug that covers diabetes AND weight loss. We created this video to help with a good example of plan criteria for covering a new expensive medicine. Dr. Jim tells about the ins an...

  • State-of-the-Art Diabetes Care

    Are there standards of care for diabetes? It turns out that there are standards from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Dr. Rybacki covers 3 key pillars of the 2023 standards in part one of this crucial video!

  • Mounjaro for Weight Loss - Is it a True Breakthrough? (Part Two)

    Confused about Mounjaro for weight loss? Dr. Jim outlines one Health Plans 5 criteria for getting this medicine and tells about the ins and outs of criteria based prescriptions in this detailed video.

  • Mounjaro, a breakthrough in Medicines for Diabetes or a big weight loss surprise

    Can a medicine be FDA approved for one condition and end up also being a breakthrough in another? The surprising answer is YES, and Dr. Jim outlines key points about one of the latest diabetes treatments called Mounjaro (tirzepatide). This novel drug for type 2 diabetes may become the hottest wei...

  • Type 2 Diabetes Stinks When it Might be You

    28 million people in the US have diabetes and DON’T even know about it. Was Dr. Rybacki one of them? What causes diabetes? This video walks you around your pancreas, talks about the special cells that make insulin and other important matters that impact how well you, or members of y our family co...

  • February American Heart Month and Women Heart

    Dr. Rybacki outlines some of the current US heart statistics, and also gives a unique view of Women and their heart health awareness. Have you heard of the Women Heart Organization? You’ll find out key facts, helpful web info and much more.

  • Let's Talk About the Beta Blocker Family

    We’ve all heard of beta testing—trying something for the first time. Have you heard about a beta blocker? Many people haven’t. Dr. Rybacki brings his genuine personal style and life experience to your understanding of the beta blocker family. From high blood pressure help to heart attacks, you’ll...

  • National Kidney Month

    Have you heard about the National Kidney Foundation? Dr. Jim fills you in on 5 healthy steps for kidney health and why the organization AND your kidneys are so important.

  • Dr. Horne - Population Health

    Are you in a health population or a population at risk? Dr. Horne talks about population health and its impact.

  • EGMN and the New Cardiology Triple Whammy

    We previously did a video about Flu, RSV and Covid being described as a triple whammy by the CDC. Now the cover of the American College of Cardiology for March 2023 has the Cardiology triple whammy. Dr. Rybacki gives an overview of the effect of Diabetes, Sleep Disordered breathing (SDB) and Obes...

  • First Ever Older Adult RSV Vaccine

    Respiratory Syncytial Virus finally has a vaccine to try to prevent it. Dr. Rybacki brings the facts and future meds to your computer in this fascinating new video.

  • Breakthrough Alzheimer's Treatment Donanemab

    Alzheimer’s Disease—horrible, chronic, debilitating. Can a new medicine give great hope? Did the FDA give an opinion in advance of approval? Dr. Rybacki brings the facts and future meds to your computer in this fascinating new video.

  • Dangerous New Heart Risk Factor Lp(a)

    Lp(a) is a novel independent heart attack risk factor YET many of us haven’t heard of it. Why…the neglect probably stems from the fact that until recently, there weren’t even experimental drugs to treat it. Dr. Rybacki brings the facts and future meds to your computer in this fascinating new video.

  • Dexcom G7 Blood Sugar Brilliance

    Blood sugar is crucial for people living with diabetes. A pill isn’t always the answer and is rarely the complete answer. Controlling blood sugar with metformin, GLP-1 inhibitors or combinations like Mounjaro is great, but using a continuous blood sugar monitoring (CGM) device live the Dexcom G7 ...