Weight Matters

Weight Matters

Well, it’s just a little weight—I’ll get a larger dress or pants with a bigger waist. I fooled myself for years and did some damage. This Channel will bring you the latest on easy weight loss, calorie contributions, carb counting, exercise as a drug and much more. Have you heard about the new diabetes medicine Mounjaro that may become the newest weight loss drug? We’ll even cover that too.

Weight Matters
  • Heart (Cardiology) Conference Bundle

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    We are delighted to bring you our first Heart (Cardiology) Bundle. It happens to be from The American College of Cardiology meeting from Atlanta (ACC24). This exclusive bundle gives you an insider’s look at what a major conference feels and sounds like from registration to poster sessions to key ...

  • Meet the Heart Function NP, Amy Brownell

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    Have you heard of a Nurse Practitioner (NP)? NPs work in a variety of specialties and because so many of you have loved our meet the Cardiologist, meet the Scientist, etc. I thought you would like to find out more about NPs and specifically how one involved in Cardiology decided to specialize in ...

  • Heart Failure and Function Patient Update

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    Our Hearts are crucial to life. Sometimes they fail. DO we focus on the function or the failure? Have you heard of a Nurse Practitioner (NP)? I found us one of the top heart function NPs on the planet and we got to talk to her for nearly half an hour! I think you will love this detailed and extre...

  • Dr. Roger Blumenthal at ACC

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    Roger Blumenthal is one of the giants of Cardiology. From the hospital to the preventive heart disease clinic to the ABCs of Cardiology, it feels like you get smarter just by being in the room with him. Dr. Roger carved out time to talk with me for more than 19 minutes in what I’m sure was a 14 h...

  • Dr. Nissen SURMOUNTs ACC24

    Every once in a while you bump into a rock star in cardiology when you film a major heart meeting. It’s like bumping into Einstein in Walmart…well sort of. In this lucky, short encounter, Dr. Steve actually reveals his thoughts on a breakthrough medicine and tells the name of the research study t...

  • Why Did My Medicine Cost So Much?

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    Wait, the shot is how much? You may have actually asked a Pharmacist this exact question. I surprisingly found myself in the same situation recently. I’ll tell you how you can try to avoid such financial toxicity right in the doctor’s office. You’ll get eight minutes and 35 seconds of my heartfel...

  • An Insider's Look at ACC24

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    You will feel like you actually are at ACC24, the world’s best heart (Cardiovascular meeting). Hear the background conversations and excitement in the Exhibit Hall! From registration to the huge Main Tent. You’ll get more than seven minutes of what going to a major heart meeting feels like!

  • The Essential Guide to Pharmacy News: Episode 3

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    Pharmacists are there for you. Our Episode 3 of the Essential Guide To Pharmacy News (EGPN), brings you the 9 sections you've come to ask for, all in an easy-to-understand language that won't leave you in the medical mumbo jumbo. You'll find important news and web sites to help you with the Infla...

  • The Essential Guide to Pharmacy News: Episode 2

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    Pharmacists are there for you. This month’s Essential Guide To Pharmacy News (EGPN), Episode 2 covers new medicines approved by the FDA, how to save money on pharmacy costs in Cash for Care, The FDA Fabulous 4 segment brings important info on breakthrough meds like Mounjaro for weight loss and di...

  • Welcome to the Essential Guide to Pharmacy News!

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    We all see our pharmacists more than we see our physicians. It’s an interesting reality in the US healthcare system. You most probably got care in the hospital from a team of hospital pharmacists and technicians, were guided and guarded through transitions of care during your hospital stay, inter...

  • The FDA Fantastic Four: Episode 1 - Fall 2023

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    We release the 2 issues of the FDA Fantastic Four in the Fall & Spring. What we are trying to help you know more about are the True Breakthrough medicines that the FDA has approved! We will take some artistic license on the release dates, we will apply the same 4-6 criteria whenever we rank, vote...

  • What's in the Box? Metformin for Diabetes

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    Getting control of blood sugar problems-what your doctor would call impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) is Crucial to your life and health. Diabetes is a continuum like a thermostat that is too hot (too high a blood sugar) or to too cold (too low a sugar or hypoglycemia). In this fascinating new vid...

  • Tell Your Medicine Story

    Did you tell your medicine story to the last doctor you saw? Dr. Rybacki tells you why this key concept can save lives.

  • Dr. Horne - Population Health

    Are you in a health population or a population at risk? Dr. Horne talks about population health and its impact.

  • Viewers Video Guide - October 2023

    I always like looking at the Guide channel on Sling cause it quickly tells me what’s on and what’s new. It occurred to me that what our subscribers or potential viewers get is page after page of videos and a couple of my friends thought it was confusing. Enter the new Viewer’s video Guide or VVG-...

  • Five Favorite Tips for Mounjaro for Diabetes

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    4 minutes, 31 seconds
    Diabetes has a new darling and Dr. Rybacki gives you 5 favorite tips to get the most from Mounjaro.

  • Mounjaro for Weight Loss - A True Breakthrough?

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    4 minutes, 43 seconds
    Confused about Mounjaro for weight loss? Dr. Jim outlines one Health Plans 5 criteria for getting this medicine and tells about the ins and outs of criteria based prescriptions in this detailed video.

  • Will Your Insurance Pay for Mounjaro? (Part One)

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    4 minutes, 56 seconds
    More than 100 people asked questions about Mounjaro when Dr. Rybacki sent out a constant contact overview of this new drug that covers diabetes AND weight loss. We created this video to help with a good example of plan criteria for covering a new expensive medicine. Dr. Jim ...

  • Dr. Horne - Intermittent Fasting

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    5 minutes, 29 seconds
    Wondering about intermittent fasting and weight loss? Dr. Horne and Rybacki give you the skinny on this key concept.