The Leading Edge Of Medicines And Guidelines

The Leading Edge Of Medicines And Guidelines

This Channel will bring you the latest on emerging true breakthrough medicines, new FDA approvals, and even new drug interactions that you should avoid. Many times, your doctor relies on guidelines from national organizations to steer prescribing based on the latest strong publications and I’m gonna tell you what they are and where to find them across the top 20 most common US diseases and conditions!

The Leading Edge Of Medicines And Guidelines
  • Weight Loss Intro

    Are you suffering from a series of Fat Attacks? This free 1:45 second overview brings you up to speed on the chemicals your fat may be releasing as well as a strong overview of weapons to fight that fat attack and control weight too!

  • Dr. Rumberger - Cardiologist Close Up (Part One)

    Get to know Dr. John Rumberger and why he became a cardiologist and an engineer.

  • Tell Your Medicine Story

    Did you tell your medicine story to the last doctor you saw? Dr. Rybacki tells you why this key concept can save lives.

  • What's in the Box? Repatha

    Can a cholesterol pill be a shot and is it better? Dr. Jim tells about Repatha!

  • Health Recognition Days & Why They Matter

    Did you know every month has health recognitions as well as weeks and months specific to helping disease-Watch!

  • Dr. Horne - Population Health

    Are you in a health population or a population at risk? Dr. Horne talks about population health and its impact.

  • Dr. Horne - Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

    Is your heart at risk? How would you know? Dr. Horne talks about heart risk assessments and their impact.

  • EGMN - What is LP(a)?

    Do you know what LP (a) is? Dr. Rybacki explains this known risk factor for heart disease AND tells about an emerging medicine that may actually control the risk. Covid 19 continues to be a problem AND the Variants of Concern (VOCs) are challenging. Find out more about medicines in the promising ...

  • What's in the Box? Vazalore

    Dr. Rybacki gives an overview of the first new aspirin product in 30 years. Get the facts.

  • National Blood Donation Day

    Did you know that every 2 SECONDS, someone needs blood. The American Red Cross says this is all too true. Dr. Jim gives you 5 important reasons to donate at your local blood bank! You might even lose some weight.

  • Will You Get the Flu in 2023?

    Discussions of the tridemic were prevalent. Dr. Rybacki tells you about a Drug Store where you can get both a flu AND Covid test on the same visit and then get the results securely from home ! Do you know who is most at risk for flu complications? Dr. Jim does and he fills you in with an importa...

  • Will Your Insurance Pay for Mounjaro? (Part One)

    More than 100 people asked questions about Mounjaro when Dr. Rybacki sent out a constant contact overview of this new drug that covers diabetes AND weight loss. We created this video to help with a good example of plan criteria for covering a new expensive medicine. Dr. Jim tells about the ins an...

  • Can We Attack Our Own Joints?

    Did you know we can attack our own joints? This kind of arthritis is called Rheumatoid Arthritis and is also known as RA. IF left unchecked, RA can disfigure joints, lead to grip problems and even heart, lung and eye dysfunction. Find out more in this informative, timely video.

  • Can You Save Me From a Heart Attack? (Part One)

    Do you know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest? Are they the same? Can you go into cardiac arrest without having heart disease? Surprisingly, you can. Dr. Rybacki is a heart attack survivor himself and talks about blocked blood flow to the heart and the electrical loss of he...

  • Facing Breast Cancer - Learning the Language of Tumors

    Dr. Jim talks about the journey he and his wife faced in breast cancer and he provided easy-to-understand explanations of everything from cancer stages to tumor genetics. Do you know what HER2 actually means? Ever wondered what an estrogen receptor means? There are now important new tests that sh...

  • Type 2 Diabetes Stinks When it Might be You

    28 million people in the US have diabetes and DON’T even know about it. Was Dr. Rybacki one of them? What causes diabetes? This video walks you around your pancreas, talks about the special cells that make insulin and other important matters that impact how well you, or members of y our family co...

  • February American Heart Month and Women Heart

    Dr. Rybacki outlines some of the current US heart statistics, and also gives a unique view of Women and their heart health awareness. Have you heard of the Women Heart Organization? You’ll find out key facts, helpful web info and much more.

  • February Low Vision Awareness Month

    Have you had a vision exam? Heard of Prevent Blindness? Can you live well with low vision? Dr. Rybacki gives you key organizations and helpful URLs to keep your vision and promote eye health!

  • Surfacing New Oncology Treatments

    Dr. Rybacki explains a novel new tumor microenvironment medicine for cancer in his genuine and easy-to-understand style. Find out about a completely new approach to head and neck cancer!

  • The Changing Faces of Covid

    Dr. Rybacki tells you about a novel liquid crystal drug formation and ionized gold all in 5 minutes on the leading edge of medicines and health.

  • What's in the Bag? Nexlizet

    A new cholesterol treatment combines 2 medicines in a single pill- Dr. Jim explains Nexlizet!

  • Ten Top Tips on Paxlovid for Covid

    Did you know that some medicines previously approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) are no longer working and have been taken off the Covid market? Will Paxlovid continue to work? Do you know the key points involved when you take Paxlovid for Covid? This is NOT a medicine that you want t...

  • Colonoscopy & Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Krishna

    Are you hesitating to get a colonoscopy? Get the facts on the easier Suprep prep, see the anatomy of the colon and learn how a colonoscopy may not only find polyps, but let your GI Doc remove them during the test!

  • Suprep & Colonoscopy Results with Dr. Krishna

    Why should you get a colonoscopy, can it prevent colon cancer deaths? What is the Suprep prep like? What are colonoscopy results like? Dr. Krishna and Rybacki cover the questions and answers and give a real world overview of the prep, benefits and what one patient's results actually look like!