Sleep Matters

Sleep Matters

To sleep, perchance to dream. Shakespeare said this centuries ago yet we still rarely get enough sleep, have trouble falling asleep or wake up often and at the wrong times. This Channel will bring you the latest on sleep science, falling asleep, staying asleep sleeping enough and even health issues that can reflect themselves in changes in sleep or sleep patterns. Are there sleep apnea devices that stand out? We’ll even cover that too.

Sleep Matters
  • April 2024 Video Bundle

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    As some of us finally get around to Spring, I‘d like to bring you a new 10-video bundle for only 4 dollars. Only four dollars. You get detailed on a cholesterol medicine called Rapatha, a follow up on weight loss (mine-and this might help you). You'll find out about a heart risk factor Lp(a), sle...

  • Best sleep Stages and Hygiene for You! (Part One)

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    I was busy, that last cup of coffee kept me thinking, There’s so much going on at work. Does this sound like you? Many nights it sounds like me. Sleep is emerging as another important factor in overall health and it IS one that YOU and your family can control. Dr. Rybacki takes a deeper dive into...

  • The Essential Guide to Pharmacy News: Episode 3

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    Pharmacists are there for you. Our Episode 3 of the Essential Guide To Pharmacy News (EGPN), brings you the 9 sections you've come to ask for, all in an easy-to-understand language that won't leave you in the medical mumbo jumbo. You'll find important news and web sites to help you with the Infla...

  • The Essential Guide to Pharmacy News: Episode 2

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    Pharmacists are there for you. This month’s Essential Guide To Pharmacy News (EGPN), Episode 2 covers new medicines approved by the FDA, how to save money on pharmacy costs in Cash for Care, The FDA Fabulous 4 segment brings important info on breakthrough meds like Mounjaro for weight loss and di...

  • Welcome to the Essential Guide to Pharmacy News!

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    We all see our pharmacists more than we see our physicians. It’s an interesting reality in the US healthcare system. You most probably got care in the hospital from a team of hospital pharmacists and technicians, were guided and guarded through transitions of care during your hospital stay, inter...

  • The FDA Fantastic Four: Episode 1 - Fall 2023

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    We release the 2 issues of the FDA Fantastic Four in the Fall & Spring. What we are trying to help you know more about are the True Breakthrough medicines that the FDA has approved! We will take some artistic license on the release dates, we will apply the same 4-6 criteria whenever we rank, vote...

  • Careful with Naproxen!

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    Families are always interesting. “It’s just Naproxen.” I heard this from my family member who had been taking it every 8 hours for 3 months and her kidney function declined. Dr. Rybacki reviews important considerations of this drug (also known as Aleve). Just because it’s over the counter, doesn’...

  • Dr. Rumberger - Cardiologist Close Up (Part One)

    Get to know Dr. John Rumberger and why he became a cardiologist and an engineer.

  • Tell Your Medicine Story

    Did you tell your medicine story to the last doctor you saw? Dr. Rybacki tells you why this key concept can save lives.

  • Dr. Horne - Population Health

    Are you in a health population or a population at risk? Dr. Horne talks about population health and its impact.

  • Viewers Video Guide - October 2023

    I always like looking at the Guide channel on Sling cause it quickly tells me what’s on and what’s new. It occurred to me that what our subscribers or potential viewers get is page after page of videos and a couple of my friends thought it was confusing. Enter the new Viewer’s video Guide or VVG-...

  • Dr. Gulati - Social Media

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    5 minutes, 11 seconds
    Social media meets medicine. Dr. Martha Gulati and Rybacki visit reveal this intersection of science and society.

  • Let's Talk About the Beta Blocker Family

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    6 minutes, 40 seconds
    We’ve all heard of beta testing—trying something for the first time. Have you heard about a beta blocker? Many people haven’t. Dr. Rybacki brings his genuine personal style and life experience to your understanding of the beta blocker family. From high blood pressure help to...

  • Dr. Horne - Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

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    4 minutes, 56 seconds
    Is your heart at risk? How would you know? Dr. Horne talks about heart risk assessments and their impact.