April 2024 Video Bundle

April 2024 Video Bundle

As some of us finally get around to Spring, I‘d like to bring you a new 10-video bundle for only 4 dollars. Only four dollars. You get detailed on a cholesterol medicine called Rapatha, a follow up on weight loss (mine-and this might help you). You'll find out about a heart risk factor Lp(a), sleep stages and what the heck sleep hygiene is, arthritis and joint damage, a newer osteoporosis treatment for MEN and how to demand an age-friendly hospital! I’m hoping you will like our videos enough to also become a sustaining member so we can keep the lights on. More to follow as always and thank you for becoming an even smarter patient!

April 2024 Video Bundle
  • What's in the Box? Repatha

    Can a cholesterol pill be a shot and is it better? Dr. Jim tells about Repatha!

  • Weight Loss Follow Up with Dr. Rybacki

    Did you lose that weight? Did Dr. Rybacki? Jim gets candid on maybe making the mark.

  • EGMN and National Cancer Control Month

    Can you control cancer? Should you try to detect it? Many of us have put off typical screenings and it’s time to catch up on routine and even more complicated screenings if your family history requires it. Did you know you can call 1-800-4-Cancer (1-800-422-6237) to find out more about which scre...

  • Dr. Horne - Intermittent Fasting & Healthy Weight Loss

    Wondering about intermittent fasting and weight loss? Dr. Horne and Rybacki give you the skinny on this key concept.

  • Cataract Surgery

    Have you ever seen cataract surgery? Dr. Rybacki and team have created 9:27 seconds where you can follow along with Dr. Jim for his own cataract surgery. Take a peek into the operating room and hear from the doctor performing his surgery.

  • EGMN - What is LP(a)?

    Do you know what LP (a) is? Dr. Rybacki explains this known risk factor for heart disease AND tells about an emerging medicine that may actually control the risk. Covid 19 continues to be a problem AND the Variants of Concern (VOCs) are challenging. Find out more about medicines in the promising ...

  • Best sleep Stages and Hygiene for You! (Part One)

    I was busy, that last cup of coffee kept me thinking, There’s so much going on at work. Does this sound like you? Many nights it sounds like me. Sleep is emerging as another important factor in overall health and it IS one that YOU and your family can control. Dr. Rybacki takes a deeper dive into...

  • Can We Attack Our Own Joints?

    Did you know we can attack our own joints? This kind of arthritis is called Rheumatoid Arthritis and is also known as RA. IF left unchecked, RA can disfigure joints, lead to grip problems and even heart, lung and eye dysfunction. Find out more in this informative, timely video.

  • New Osteoporosis Treatment for Men

    Did you know that MEN get osteoporosis? Men actually are more likely to suffer severe problems as a result of a fracture too. This video brings you up to speed on the issues and tells about a new treatment that can help decrease fracture risks!

  • April is Defeat Diabetes Month

    April is Defeat Diabetes month! 29.7 million-that’s Million are diagnosed and sadly a fourth to a third of diabetics (about 9 million) have it and ARE NOT diagnosed. ? Do you know 3 drinks diabetics should avoid? Hint- the first 2 are regular sugary sodas, energy drinks with sugar and fruit juice...